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Chamber Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
7/28/2015   Summer Speed Networking
8/12/2015   Chairman's and President's Advisory Board Reception
8/20/2015   Maximize your Membership (Orientation - for New & Existing members)
8/27/2015   2015 Greater Austin Business Awards


Community Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
6/13/2015   Summer Saturdays at Celebration Church
6/25/2015   Grow or Start Your Business! We'll Show You How to Be Successful
7/7/2015   The Business Impact of Improvements and Lean Six Sigma: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence White Belt Course
7/7/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
7/8/2015   Supervisory Excellence: Be the Boss You Always Wanted
7/10/2015   Recordkeeping: Beyond the File Cabinet
7/14/2015   Ron King Academy Ribbon Cutting
7/15/2015   Social Media For Business – How To Use It; Why You Can’t Ignore It
7/16/2015   Tablets, Apps, and Smartphones – 42 Business and Personal Productivity Tools You Can’t Live Without
7/16/2015   Grand Opening of the new Westin Hotel Downtown
7/17/2015   Quickbooks - Intermediate
7/21/2015   Using Social Media to Promote Your Business
7/22/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
7/28/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
7/29/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction
7/30/2015   Trinity Hall Open House
8/4/2015   Roadmap to Success: How to Write a Business Plan
8/7/2015   Quickbooks - Advanced
8/11/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
8/11/2015   Exceptional Customer Service: Keep Your Best Customers
8/12/2015   Settings Goals for Small Business Excellence
8/13/2015   Using Strategic Pricing to Drive Greater Profitability for Your Business
8/19/2015   BizOpen Orientation
8/25/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
8/25/2015   SBA 8 (a) Business Development Program
8/26/2015   SBA 8 (a) Business Development Program Small Business Accounting
8/28/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction
9/9/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction
9/10/2015   How to Get Investors for Your Business
9/15/2015   Roadmap to Success: How to Write a Business Plan
9/15/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
9/17/2015   The Tax Man Cometh: Business Tax Obligations
9/23/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
9/24/2015   Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Make Your Cash Flow Work for You
9/25/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction
9/29/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
9/30/2015   Quickbooks - Intermediate


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