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Chamber Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
3/3/2015   Small Business Procurement Fair
4/1/2015   State of the City: Implementing a New Way Forward
5/27/2015   Tribute to University of Texas President Bill Powers


Community Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
2/5/2015   Spring Challenge
3/3/2015   Pre Healthcare Speaker Series
3/4/2015   Using Social Media to Promote Your Business
3/5/2015   College Savings Foundation presents: What Everyone Should Know About Planning and Paying for College
3/5/2015   College Savings Foundation Presents: Grow Your Business with 529 Plans for Financial Professionals
3/6/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction
3/10/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
3/12/2015   Square Root Capital Factory Startup Crawl
3/13/2015   PeopleFund Innovation Day - Nonprofit Best Practices Free Seminar
3/18/2015   3rd Annual Evening for Austin Leading Ladies
3/18/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
3/18/2015   BizOpen Orientation
3/24/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
3/27/2015   Quickbooks - Intermediate
3/27/2015   Frost Bank Chuckwagon Breakfast
3/31/2015   How to Get Investors for Your Business
4/1/2015   The Tax Man Cometh: Business Tax Obligations
4/3/2015   Small Business Data Breach Workshop
4/7/2015   Roadmap to Success: How to Write a Business Plan
4/7/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
4/10/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction
4/15/2015   BizOpen Orientation
4/15/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
4/21/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
4/21/2015   The 7 Most Important Secrets of Small Business Success
4/23/2015   Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Make Your Cash Flow Work for You
5/5/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
5/5/2015   The Seven Most Important Secrets of Small Business Success
5/6/2015   65th Annual Texas Shrimp Association Convention
5/7/2015   Hiring the Right People
5/12/2015   High-Impact Marketing: 10 Low-Cost Strategies for Big Sales (5/12/2015)
5/13/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
5/14/2015   Virginia College in Austin Grand Opening of New Campus and Ribbon Cutting
5/19/2015   BizAid Business Orientation
5/20/2015   BizOpen Orientation
5/29/2015   Quickbooks - Introduction


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